Custom Contact Page

Usually our themes have a Page Template for the contact page. This will create a contact form with basic fields like name, email, subject and message. But if you need something more specific, then you’ll have to use a plugin that allows to build custom fields for your contact form. Building a custom contact form can be easy using Ninja Forms.

Ninja Forms

You can view how to create a custom Ninja Form in our documentation here. We have also made a video tutorial which you can see below:

Contact Form 7

Contact-form 7  plugin: Tutorials about using the plugin can be found on Youtube. We also made a tutorial to show how it works:

Contact form 7 allows to build virtually any layout for the contact form by using custom HTML and CSS. If you are not familiar with HTML and CSS and want a visual tool to build the form, than we can recommend using Visual Form Builder.

Visual Form Builder

You can download Visual Form Builder: here . Using Visual Form Builder you’ll have a pretty drag & drop form builder that will help you build advanced forms without knowing any coding. We have added support for this plugin in several themes. And if the plugin is installed then you’ll find new options under the styling Settings: Screen-Shot-2014-05-15-at-12.45.37-PM

These options will allow you to customize the default look of the contact form. You can check the video below:

Or you can test any other available plugin on WordPress repossitory

NOTE! if you’ll use any plugin to create a custom form , then you must use the default page template.