Flo Shortcodes

IMPORTANT: Flo Shortcodes is not supported anymore and it can not be used with any of the newer generations of themes (ie Classic or Flexthemes)!

Need a way to build your pages more creatively? Flo Shortcodes is a powerful plugin that will give you greater flexibility with your theme, it gives your various options including adding short-code for post types (blog, galleries and videos if available), image and text, columns, team member, box, alerts, buttons, tabs, toggles, and responsive video. You can see them in action on one of our themes here.

Installing Flo Shortcodes

When the theme is installed it recommends to activate the FloShortcodes plugin:

Screen Shot 2014-02-18 at 5.44.54 PM

If you activate this plugin, then you’ll have the possibility to use the shortcodes on your posts.

If you don’t have this plugin, you can download it from here.

Once the plugin is activated, it will be available in all pages in the content area section, using visual mode:

Adding Shortcodes

Samples of available shortcodes can be seen on one of our demo sites.

And below you can check some video tutorials that show how to use the shortcodes:


One of the most frequent issues encountered is the Shortcode pop up not showing any options:


This usually happens when security plugins are blocking access to certain plugin files.

If you are using the Sucuri Security plugin to protect your site, this issue can be easily fixed by disabling hardening for the folder containing themes and plugins:


Other causes for the popup malfunctions might be insufficient file permissions, that can be easily updated by contacting your hosting provider.