Flo Switch Plugin

Making a switch from ProPhoto has never been easier. The following article explains how to use the Flo Switch plugin to convert your existing ProPhoto content so that it can still be viewable with Flothemes.

You may also want to look at our Flo Launch plugin before making the switch.

Using Flo Launch Plugin

Flo Launch lets you test drive your new theme and then launch it, all in your existing WordPress installation. See below a quick video tutorial on using Flo Launch:

For more details, see the following article on using Flo Launch for making your switch to Flothemes.

Flo Switch Plugin

Our PP Content migration plugin converts ProPhoto Galleries and Grids shortcode to be able to use that content even without using a ProPhoto theme. Many ProPhoto users  after changing their theme to a non ProPhoto template find out that the PP Galleries and the PP Grids are not showing up any more, and it looks like the all the content is gone, which up until now was true. To solve that problem we’ve developed a plugin – ‘PP content migration‘. This plugin is able to transform the the ProPhoto Galleries  and Grids into shortcodes which will work with any theme as log as the plugin is enabled, we’ve also added Flothemes specific options for anyone using one of our WordPress themes. ProPhoto Galleries – The PP galleries will be converted into shortcodes. All the themes have the option to transform the the PP galleries into WordPress galleries using the WP gallery shortcode.

And there are settings to define the WP gallery shortcode options:Screen Shot 2015-11-26 at 11.26.24 AMThese settings will be used to create the WP gallery shortcode and replace all the PP galleries within the posts or pages. Then you can edit each individual post and change the shortcode settings if necessary. Also if you are using a Flothemes theme which has support for this plugin (NOTE! Update to the latest theme version, view change logs here.), there will be more options. Beside the transforming the PP galleries into WP gallery, you have the choice to use some of the galleries available in the current theme:Screen Shot 2015-11-26 at 11.32.12 AMAs you can see in the image above, each PP gallery type (Slideshow, Slider and Lightbox) have individual options. And this allows to use different Flothemes sliders for each PP gallery if necessary. After selecting the desired transfer options it is time to replace all the PP galleries. For that it is necessary to push the “Update the PP galleries” button, and you’ll see a list of the posts/pages which were modified:Screen Shot 2015-11-26 at 11.37.49 AMNote! It is important to make a data base backup before you hit that button. This is necessary in case something goes wrong and you need to get back to the previous state. The backup can be done using one of many WP plugins available for that, or using thePhpMyAdmin(if you have access to it and know how to use it). If you are replacing the PP galleries with one of the Flothemes sliders, then a shortcode will be used. The shortcode will have the following format:

[flo_gallery gallery_type="grid" ids="500,499,498,497,496,495,494,493,492" ]

In case you want to change the gallery type after the content was already replaced, you can edit the shortcode manually by changing the ‘gallery_type’ value. Check the example below:

[flo_gallery gallery_type="visible_arrow" ids="500,499,498,497,496,495,494,493,492" ]

The values for the ‘gallery_type’ are different for different themes. And you can check them out by hovering with the mouse over the Flo slider type thumbnail:Screen Shot 2015-11-26 at 11.54.08 AMIf the ‘gallery_type’ is wrong for some reason, a default slider is used.   ProPhoto Grids: For the grids we do not have many options. There is just one button which will replace all the PP Grids with a shortcode.Screen Shot 2015-11-26 at 11.58.53 AMThe new Grid will have the same content, and will keep some of the options from the PP Grid: same number of columns and will cropthe images or will use the masonry layout.

ProPhoto 6

Switching from ProPhoto 6? Its not a big deal. You’ll lose the content thats been created with the page builder, but your posts and plugins content will remain.

When switching from any theme provider, you’ll lose theme specific content. You should prepare any content prior to making a switch, and re-think what options you’ll use when moving.

For example, if you’ve build a page with grid options for posts etc, you’ll be able to use one of our pages to re-create the blog page. With Flothemes we’ve also added our own gallery and slideshow post types, so you’ll need to re-create those anyway.

Its not a bad thing, its a good opportunity to assess your portfolio, resize images, make sure you’ve optimized them for SEO and optimized them for web.

Its going to take some work, but don’t worry, it’ll be worth it! Got any questions, or specific requests before making a switch? Drop us a message.