Custom Posts Order

A very common question is how to change order of your blog posts or galleries in the listing page. By default the posts are ordered by date. And it is time consuming and frustrating to change the order by editing the post date.

Fortunately there is a solution for that.  We can use the Simple Custom Post Order  plugin.

Once installed and activated this plugin will allow you to change the posts order using simple drag and drop action.

Then the posts will be displayed in the custom order instead of  date order.

To do this, go ahead and install the Simple Custom Post Order plugin.

Then you’ll want to go to settings > SCPOrder and select the post types you’d like to put into order. The most common post types will be “posts” thats for the blog, and “galleries” for your portfolio:

Once you’ve selected the posts types, you’ll be able to drag them into order, you’ll see the four pronged mouse icon: