Adding a Blog page

The following article explains how to set up a blog listings page for your blog posts.

Setting up a blog

Option 1 – “Latest Posts” Page Template

If you want a more sophisticated Blog page, then it is necessary to have a page that uses ‘Latest posts types‘ page template.

Mimal - Latest Post Types

Once this template is selected, there will be option that allow selecting the post type, select “Posts” and the category if wanting to create a category page:


Some additional options can also be selected, including the number of posts, the number of columns and gutter type for selected views, and finally pagination:


Your blog posts should now automatically filter into this page.

Option 2 – Settings Reading

(Not recommended) Using the standard WordPress settings – By defining a page as the Blog page under Settings > Reading


Setting the layout

If this option is used then the layout of the blog page can be set from Flothemes > Content Settings > (Also note you may want to match the archives pages with the same view):

Mimal - Content Settings

Blog Settings

Global Blog Post Settings

There are global settings for the blog page, which you can find in Flothemes > Content Settings > Blog. Here you will be able to do the following items:

  • Set the blog post width.
  • Turn on options for showing similar posts at the end of the blog.
  • Spacing between post images
  • The option to show categories in the header of the page (at the top of the blog page)
  • An option to show categories and tags at the bottom of a single post
  • Enable and disable social sharing options
  • Auto set the featured image (using the first image attached to the post)
  • The option to show the featured image at the top of the single post.
  • We have added the option to disable WordPress 4.4 responsive images, this will turn of smaller images on all devices.
  • You can select the comment options, Facebook, and WordPress.
  • The option to add a Facebook application ID if you wish to moderate the Facebook comments.

Mimal - Blog Post

Blog Post Comments