Selecting your Navigation Type

Once you have created your menu you can select how your navigation looks. With Como there are 6 variations for how your menu and logo is placed.

Step 1 – Flothemes Dashboard

Go to Flothemes > Header and Logo > Menu.


From here you can see the various layout views and how they might work with your logo. Select one and then save the page.

As you can see there are options for menu above logo, menu below logo, logo left and right or the menu, as well as the hidden burger menu left and right or a centered logo.

Step 2 – Other Options

Other options include selecting the menu button type, this is used for mobile and also if you’ve selected a menu option that will allow the menu to be hidden until selected.


NOTE! Make sure to save any changes before exiting the admin area.

If you haven’t already created your menu, now would be good time to do so. See the following article on creating a new menu.