About Page

To create the About Page, go to Pages – Add New – Select the page template About. Selecting this template will apply our design and styling to the following page.
Within our Demo, we include a total of 4 different About Page layouts. The settings of each page is described below.

About 1

About 2

About page 2 is created using Visual Composer.

Step 1 – Select Template

Firs you’ll want to select the page template “About”.

Step 2 – Add Visual Composer Code

Copy and paste the following Visual Composer code into the content area (make sure to use text mode):


Step 3 – Edit

You’ll want to use the front end editor from VC and update the image blocks:


Then update the text block:


Now you’re done with the visual composer, update the page. You’ll need to go back in to the WordPress backend and then to the about page again to add the final item, the contact link.

Step 4 – Add the contact link

Finally adding the contact link is simple, just look on the right hand side for the “about page metabox” and simply add a link to your contact page:


Step 5 – Publish

Thats it you’re done! Just publish the page and you’ve now got a great looking about page to showcase on your site.

About 3

About - Long

The following page is one long Visual Composer Shortcode that you can copy / paste into your page. Once the code has been added to your page, you can switch to the “Front-end Editor” and change the images, colors and wording as well.

Please watch the video below on how to edit the page using Visual Composer.

Approximate Images Sizes:
1st image – 1920 x 1200
2nd image – 840 x 1280
Banners: 150px × 86px
Things I Love images: 300px × 200px
NOTE! we recommend that you play around with the image sizing to make sure they work for you.

Copy/Paste the following Visual Composer Shortcode:
NOTE! Be sure you paste while in “text” mode
Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 8.51.20 PM

Page Settings

With Como we’ve added some additional page settings that can be applied separately on any page. The options will be available just below the main page content.


Show Page Title

Do you want to display the page title, select “Yes” or “No”

Use Big Title

One of the key features to Como is the option for oversized and large titles. To enable this for the page, select “Yes” for this option.

Enable Widget Area Located before page content

If you have added any widgets in the widget area before page content in Appearance > Widgets you can show them on the page.

Enable Widget Area Located below page content

If you have added any widgets in the widget area below page content in Appearance > Widgets you can show them on the page.