Content Settings

The following article will cover details on using the Como Content Settings area, including details on the following:

  1. Listing Layouts
  2. Blog
  3. Galleries
  4. Pages
  5. Sidebars
  6. Image Sizing

Listing Layouts

The Listings layout area should be seen as various sections which we will explain below, there is a general settings area, and an area for each of the 6 possible layout options:

General Global Settings

These settings apply for all layout views, as well as the option to select the layout for search results pages. Remember to click the gold icon for further hints and tips in the theme back end.


Layout Options

Each of the layout options will have a height setting, that will be the height of a single post in this view, it will also include typography settings relevant for each, you can see the example below (remember to use the gold ? to find out more details):



The following section is relevant for your global blog post settings:

General Settings


In this section you will see relevant options to set the single post width, for showing related posts in the single post, date, category, tags and pagination options. You can also turn off the featured image on the single post here. Again make sure to check the gold ? for further hints.


The comments section allows you to enable comments for your posts, both WordPress and Facebook comments can be enabled by dragging them into place. For Facebook comments, you should create a Facebook application ID if you wish to moderate the comments:


Archive and Category Page Layout

The following option will allow you to select the archive and category listing page views. This is useful if you have a categories section on your site:



With Como we’ve added some gallery settings that will allow you to update both the single gallery and gallery listing pages.

For this article we will be referring to the options available in Flothemes > Content Settings > Gallery.


Back to Galleries

Enabling this option will add a back to galleries link in single gallery posts. You can enter the label name and the page which it should link to:


Meta Data

The following options allow you to turn off the categories and tags options in the latest galleries type page:


Archives Listing

The archives listing page for categories options are set with the following options.


If a user searches for a category they will be displayed with the view selected above.


Comments – enable or disable single gallery comments.


Change Default WP Gallery Shortcodes – this will allow your WordPress galleries to replicate the lazy loading grid views that we display in our theme. See the following video on using the default WP gallery shortcode.



The following area allows you to enable or disable comments for all pages, as well as creating the 404 page for your site, thats the page users see when something goes wrong with a link on your site:


Image Sizing

The following image sizing options are available in Flothemes > General Settings > Image Sizes:


This is the option for the full screen slideshow images. Here you can set the max width, 1920 is recommended, however if using a retina screen, 2880px will work.


This is the size of the featured image inside a single post. Currently its set to square sizing, however this can be changed by changing the height. I would recommend 1920 x 1280px if using landscape images.


The following settings set the featured image sizing for card, and grid view images. Remember the height for these can be set in Flothemes > General Settings > Layout Options. This is merely for featured images, set the same height in layout options.


Single gallery grid allows you to set the width of the images in your grid view galleries. If using 3 columns its recommended to increase this size to 600px.


This is for the list view with text under. Set the width and height here.