General Settings

The following article covers the relevant options in the General settings area and an overview of what they are used for.

Style Kits

The style kits area allows you to select from 2 style kit options with Como. Como dark and light. Selecting a style kit option will change various items on the site, including background colors, fonts, spacing and other options enabled in the site. Its a great way to give your site a quick update:



The backgrounds section allows you the opportunity to add background colors to several elements on your site, including the site background.



The other options have the gold ? icon, that will show exactly where they are using, including the footer background color.


The colors section allows your to edit the relevant colors on your site, including menu, link, general font and title colors. You can see more details on each color by clicking the gold ? icon to the right (below is only a small snippet of the options):


Social Media

With Flothemes we make it easy to link your social media accounts.

Go to Flothemes > General Settings > Social Media:


Add Social Network

To add new, Click on Add Social Networks:

When setting up each social profile icon it is necessary to add the following information:

  • Social network name. The name is used to provide the default icons for the supported services. We provide icons for the following social networks: facebook, twitter, gplus, yahoo, dribbble, linkedin, vimeo, youtube, tumblr, delicious, flickr, instagram, pinterest. And it is important to know that if you want to use the built in font icons, you should use the exact same name as we provide in the list above.
  • Social Network URL (i.e.
  • Icon Image(optional) – in case you don’t like the default icons
  • Icon Image Hover(optional) – in case you don’t like the default icons


After all the social profile icons are added, you can sort them by using drag and drop.

Sharing Options

Below the social networks you will see that we have added options allowing you to select social sharing options.

NOTE! Social sharing options are not links to your account, they are the most common sharing platforms for users, facebook, twitter, etc. It will generate a link to the specific post for this platform.


Turn on and off the options as required.

Spacing and Width

In the spacing and width area, you can set the distance between post images:



In the following section you can add any tracking codes for your site, including Google analytics.

Just copy and paste any of your codes into this section and it will be added to your site.



The favicon is the icon in the browser tab like our Flothemes icon:


Users can upload a .ico file to use on your site.


Admin Bar

Turning on the admin bar option will allow logged in admins to see the following bar at the top of your site:


Its a great tool for allowing you to quickly edit, pages and posts. Only admin users can see the tool bar.

Import Export

The import and export area allows 3 things.

  • Importing Demo content – NOTE! Only do this if you are starting a new site.
  • Import – import of a Flothemes export file. This will apply all Flothemes settings from another site, or an old version of your site. Great for using as a simple settings backup.
  • Export – exporting of your Flothemes settings, to be used as a backup. This is not a database back up, just a settings backup. Its also great if creating multiple sites that are using the same theme and settings.