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» Como – Gallery Settings

Gallery Settings

With Como we’ve added some gallery settings that will allow you to update both the single gallery and gallery listing pages.

For this article we will be referring to the options available in Flothemes > Content Settings > Gallery.


Back to Galleries

Enabling this option will add a back to galleries link in single gallery posts. You can enter the label name and the page which it should link to:


Meta Data

The following options allow you to turn off the categories and tags options in the latest galleries type page:


Archives Listing

The archives listing page for categories options are set with the following options.


If a user searches for a category they will be displayed with the view selected above.


Comments – enable or disable single gallery comments.


Change Default WP Gallery Shortcodes – this will allow your WordPress galleries to replicate the lazy loading grid views that we display in our theme. See the following video on using the default WP gallery shortcode.