Single Video Post

With Vivi you can upload your videos to a video listing page. The following article explains how to add a single video post.

Video Tutorial

Adding Video Posts

To create a video post, you can follow these steps:

Step 1 – Add New Video

Go to Videos > “Add New”:

Step 2 – Add URL/Content

When inside the video post there are the standard options, add title, you can add some text in the content area if you want to have a description, but the most important area is adding a URL from either facebook or vimeo, below the page content you will see the “Post Embed” section, just copy and paste your link here.

Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 2.46.41 PM

The links from the major video providers will be automatically recognised and rendered. You can check here the full list of supported services.

Step 3 – Add a featured image

The same as a post, you should add a featured image, on the right hand side as you scroll down, again use a consistent image size for all your featured images, we would recommend landscape sizing of 600x400px (increase the sizing depending on which layout you use in your videos page) for videos:

Step 4 – Add Tags and Categories

Adding tags and categories is useful if you want to display only certain video categories on different pages, you can do this on the right hand side also:

Step 5 – Publish

Once you’re done you can publish your video, save as a draft or set a time for the video to be published. The option will be at the top right: