Adding Demo Content

This tutorial is useful for those users who are starting from zero and want to quickly import demo content into their site, its very useful as you can simply replace images and text and then remove any of the pages you do not require.

Note! We do not recommend this if you have existing content in your WordPress installation, as it will add numerous posts, pages, categories, media and more to your site. Also, we recommend replacing all content as soon as possible to avoid negative SEO effects or image licensing repercussions.

Step 1 – Add Widget Import Plugin

To import the widgets that we show on our demo site you will need yo use the widget importer plugin.

Make sure to have installed the Widget Importer plugin, it is one of the recommended plugins. If you do not have it you can download it here.

Step 2 – General Settings

Installing demo content is simple, when you’ve installed your theme (and activated it) you can login into your WordPress backend and you will see a Flothemes section. Go to Flothemes – General Settings – Import/Export section.

As you can see there is an area for selecting the site from which to download the dummy content, there may be single options with some themes and multiple with others.

Step 3 – Select Option

Select which demo version you want to add, then click on the “import dummy data” button.

Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 4.29.18 PM

Step 4 – Wait to Download

Wait until the demo content is imported, it may take a few minutes, once it is completed you will get a success message.

Step 5 – Review and Edit

Now take some time to review the pages, and how they are set up. You can view the rest of the documentation if you wish to remove the pages and start from scratch.