Adding a contact page

Vivi offers a page template for creating Contact pages.

Video Tutorial

The following video shows how to set up your contact page using Vivi.

Adding the contact page

Step 1 – Add New Page

Go to Pages > Add New, title the page.


Select the page template “Contact Page”

2. Add details – Once this page template is selected, the following options are available:

All the fields, but the the ‘Email’ field are options. The email field is required because it is used by the contact form to send the email to that address.

Step 3 – Turn off user email

I would suggest turning off the user email in the from field. This is a common issue with WordPress forms, and it can cause your emails to be blocked by your hosting provider at a server level.

Step 4 – Save and Test

Save and test the form to make sure you receive the form. If you’re having issues refer to the contact form email issues documentation.