Adding your Logo's

In Vivi we offer the possibility to add your own logos.  Additional to this, we have added the option to upload separate logos  for the slideshows, allowing you to display light and dark colored logo’s depending on the darkness of your image.

The options discussed in this tutorial will be available in Flothemes > Header Settings. If you want to know more about logo positioning, you can refer to the previous article here.

Adding Slideshow Logos

Vivi also allows the option to add separate logos for the slideshow, as well as offering the possibility to have 2 logos for dark and light images. This option is available for both Logo Types: Image and Text Logo.

1. Enable Text/Logo Color Change

If you wish to upload a separate logo and or want changing logo colors over slideshows, enable the option for “Text/Logo Color Change Based on the Slideshow Image Color”:


2. Threshold and Slideshow Logo Options

Now that you’ve enabled the options for slideshow logos, upload a dark logo for the light slides and a light logo for the dark slides. This means that the logos will change based per image.

To set the sensitivity you can select a threshold value. A higher the threshold value the more likely that the darker logo will be used on most images. The standard is set at 100.


NOTE! Always remember to save any changes when making updates to the settings.

Logo Sizing

Finally you can adjust the width of your logos. Again in Flothemes > Header Settings, and then you can set a pixel width for both the main (and slideshow logo) and the logo mobile. We suggest keeping the mobile logo under 200px and the main logo under 350px in width.


Set the sizing options and then make sure to save your changes.