Typography Settings

With Flothemes you’re able to change your font options to give the site a unique look, or simply to match it to your branding. The following article explains how this typography section is broken up.

There are 2 sections to typography, Base Fonts, and Advance Settings.

The options with Vivi are explained below (also note there are golden question mark icons you can click to view for an explanation whilst in the settings).


Base Fonts

The base fonts section allows you to quickly update the entire style of your site by simply changing 4 fonts. As most brand guides only offer 3 to 4 fonts, you can quickly implement your brand style guide here:


For example Vivi has 3 style kits with various font options, you can see how we use 4 fonts to create each:

Vivi Kit 1

Vivi Kit 1

Vivi Kit 2

Vivi Kit 2

Vivi Kit 3

Vivi Kit 3

Advanced Fonts

Advanced fonts can be used if you need to edit individual fonts to meet your needs. Advanced fonts can be separated into a few distinct categories:

General Fonts

General Font – this is the font used for general body text site wide.

Page Title – the font for Page Titles

Single Title – single post, gallery or video title (when inside the single post)

Card List/List Post Title – the title shown in card listing and list view type pages.

Thumbnail Grid Post Title – the title shown in all grid view listing pages.

Meta Fonts

List View “Open” button – the title for the open button shown on list view pages.

Meta – various meta data and subtitle fonts.

Pagination – site wide pagination font.


Share Label / Close Button – the sharing options title label and closing button, on pages, posts, videos and galleries.

Comment Label – the comments title label above the comments areas.

Single Post Navigation buttons – this is the previous and next buttons in a post, gallery or video page.

Header Styles

H1-H6 – these options can be used in page and post content, when in the visual editor, there is an option to select various header options, to give yourself greater flexibility over typography I recommend setting these options up for your own use, shown below (make sure to hit the toggle button to view the options).

Widget Areas

Widgets Title – these are the widget titles for all widgets in the page area.

Widgets Content – content general font for widgets.

Sidebar Widgets Title – titles for all sidebar widget areas.