Installing your theme

To install your theme, you should have first have your domain, along with your hosting provider, and you must have WordPress installed on your hosting account. Instructions about installing WordPress can be found here, or you can watch a video on installing it here.

If the above documents are not relevant for your hosting provider you should refer to their documentation as they will have details instructions on how to install WordPress on your new site.

There are 2 methods of installing a WordPress theme:

1. Using WordPress Installer.

This is the easiest method for installing your new theme. First you must download the theme you’ve purchased, you will have received an email with a download link, if you have not received this, or cannot find the email you can login to your account at


Once downloaded you will have a zipped file with the theme name i.e. or, you should install that zip file.

Note for  Safari users: The Safari browser usually unzips the downloaded file automatically. So if you use Safari and don’t find any zip files in the download folder, and there is only a folder that has the theme name (i.e. melbourne), then you should zip that folder and install it.

Now you have located the file for uploading, you can simply upload it from you WordPress backend, login to your site, then go to appearance > themes > add new:


Now, select Upload Theme,  select choose file and find your theme from your local computer (the .zip file that we previously mentioned) and press the Install Now button.


In few moments, WordPress will upload and extract the theme archive for you. Then you just need to press the Activate link under the message for successful theme installation.

NOTE! If you have an existing theme, do not activate the theme until you are sure you want to style it. If you want to test the theme whilst keeping your existing site live, you can use our Flo Launch plugin which you will find here.


2. FTP Installation

If automatic installation fails for some reason, you’ll need to use an FTP service (such as FileZilla) alternative route for installing your theme.

You will need to know several details about your FTP account:

  • FTP host address

  • FTP username

  • FTP password

  • location of your WordPress installation inside the hosting account (usually directly into the public_html folder or some folder inside this)

Then you will need a FTP client (FileZilla is a great free software).

• Upload Flotheme to the wp-content/themes folder

 Using FileZilla, connect to your hosting account.
In the left pane navigate to the folder. In the right pane navigate to your WordPress installation folder (look for wp-admin and wp-content).
Once you have locate this, navigate inside wp-content/themes. Right click the“theme_name” folder on the left pane and select Upload from the menu.

After the transfer is complete you should see the new theme folder right next to the default  themes folders.

NOTE! The picture below uses ‘Melbourne’ theme as sample, but you work with your theme.

Via the dashboard, navigate to Appearance > Themes. The new theme should be displayed in the list.

Hover the mouse over the desired theme and click Activate button to enable it.

 activate theme WordPress