Creating Menus

When you first setup your site its useful to create and set your main menu. This will allow you to review the header options available. You will be making adjustments to the menu as you create your other pages. You will probably want to set it initially, and then when you’ve finished editing your pages you can review and update your menu with all your created pages.

Creating Menus

Step 1 – Create Menu

Once you have added all your pages, Go to Appearance > Menus, and then create a new menu. On the left hand side you will see pages, posts and the other items you can add to the menu:


Step 2 -Add Items

You can select any items you want, and then click add to menu. 

If you cannot see all the items, scroll to the top right and find screen options, drop down the menu and select any items you may want to add to your menu.

Step 3 – Select as Main Menu

After the menu is created you need to activate that menu as the ‘Main menu’.

  1. Go to Appearance > Menu. Scroll to the bottom of the menu editor window.
  2. In the section titled Menu Settings > Theme locations, click the check box for the location where you want your menu to appear, Main Menu.
  3. Click Save menu once you’ve made your selection.


You can create multiple menus, this is especially useful if you want a menu in the footer of your site (in a widget area) or in a sidebar on the site.

Adding Menu Subtitle

Step 1 – Title Attributes

To add menu subtitles, scroll to the top, and find screen options, drop down the menu:


Select Title Attribute and then close the menu.

Step 2 – Add Sub Title

Now you can go down to your menu items, and simply click the drop down arrow on any and the title attribute will be available, add the subtitle heading here:


It will show like so:


Non-Clickable Menu Items

You can also create non-clickable menu items, see the video below:

Learn More – You can read more on creating WordPress menu items from WordPress here.

Note! Each time the theme is switched it may be necessary to check this option again if the theme is activated for the first time. Many users are confused why their menu disappears or changes when they switch themes.  The solution is simple, just activate one of the menus for the desired location.