Custom Contact Forms

Our Theme provides a built in contact form, but it does not have options to customize the form inputs. Therefore for those who want more advanced forms we recommend to use third party contact form plugins. The most popular contact form plugins which we recommend are Ninja Forms, Contact form 7 and Gravity forms.  All these plugins allow you to create custom contact forms and then provide shortcodes for each form which can be used in any blog post or pages.  Also beside using the form shortcode in the page content, you can create a page that uses the ‘Contact Page‘ template and add the shortcode in the box designed for that. If a shortcode is added in that textarea, then instead of the built in contact form, the form generated by the plugin will be used while the other template’s elements will be the same:

Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 10.59.13 AM

We recommend using the Ninja Forms plugin, but of course you can use any other plugin.

On our demo we have an example that uses a custom contact form built using Ninja forms, you can check it here.  As you can see that form has 2 columns and that is possible by  using  some css classes for which the theme has support. The supported classes can be found here, and tutorials about how to set up the Ninja Forms can be found here.

To quickly build a form that has the same inputs as the one on our demo, you can import the demo form and then just edit the fields and the email address that will receive the message. Download the demo Ninja form form here. Then you can import it by going to the Import/Export section and upload the settings file provided above:

Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 11.16.21 AM

If you need to change the height of the Ninja forms text area, then you can do that by adding some custom css like this one:

If you are using Ninja forms and are having problems receiving emails, check please their trouble shoot article about that.