Creating the default demo home page

Watch the following video on how to replicate the demo home page.

For those of you who prefer to read more, see below:

Melbourne Native – home page elemetns

Step 1 – Create Slideshow

To Create a slideshow, go to Slideshow > Add New. Add your title, images and publish. For full details on creating a slideshow and its options read the following article.

Step 2 – Add Slideshow To Page

Now that you’ve created a slideshow, head over to pages, and then navigate to your home page. In the page scroll down to “Slideshow Settings” and select the slideshow:


Step 3 – Insert Shortcode

Insert the following shortcode into the page:

To learn more about shortcodes, you can review the following playlist on youtube.

NOTE! You must have installed and activated the Flo Shortcodes plugin for this to work.

Step 4 – Add Separator and Columns

To add a separator, in visual mode, there is a small dash, when hovered over it will say horizontal line, press this.


You can then add your title, it can be about, or something else depending on what info is being added. You can then make this title heading 5, to do this, highlight it, and then where is says paragraph, drop the menu down and select heading 5.


Then add the following code:

Step 5 – Publish Page

Now all the content is added to the page, go to the top right and publish the page.

The remaining items are added via the widget areas.

Step 6 – Adding Widgets

There are 4 widgets used to create the demo footer.

  1. Our Flo Instagram widget in the widget area “footer full content width top” using the following settings:Type – User ID
    ID – Add your ID
    Number of images/columns: 12
    Picture Size: Thumbnail
    Link to full image: Selected
    Show Profile link: Selected and add your usernameSave.
  2. Using Footer 1st to 3rd add the following items:
    Footer First – Categories Widget
    Footer Second – Recent Posts Widget
    Footer Third – Melbourne Social Networks

Make sure to save each item after adding it to the relevant widget area.

Other widget areas can be added if required and the items above are not fixed, so play with the widget areas until you get the combination that suits.