Creating a Portfolio Page

WordPress as standard offers a simple way to display your blog posts. We have created 6 custom views to display your posts. To view all 6 options you can view the demo site here. Follow these simple steps to give your blog that fresh look:

Step 1 – Create Blog Page

Go to pages > Add new, and then title the portfolio page “Portfolio” (It can be different if you wish). Add any page content, or a description to the page if necessary, it will be displayed above the posts.

Now you can go over to the right hand side, and in “Page Attributes” select the “Latest Post Types” option for the template.


Step 2 – Select your Layout Options

Now that you have selected the Latest Posts Type page template, scroll down, and again in the right hand sidebar, there will be a section “Latest Posts”. This section will have all the relevant options for your blog page. See details on the options below:

  • Select Post Type – Select “Galleries” (there are also options for posts and pages).
  • Select Post Category – This is useful for creating category type portfolio pages. If you want all posts to show leave the selections blank.
  • View Type – There are 6 options for various view types. From left to right:
    • Card view alternating – this is image and text alternating left or right.
    • Card View – this is image left and text/excerpt right, content width
    • 50/50 – image  left and text right with a 50/50 split.
    • List View – simple title and featured image. There is also an option to show the full content view when this option is enabled. This will show the full post.
    • Grid View – This will be standard grid view with title on hover, there will also be an option available to enable the masonry grid view if you wish to have different sized featured images.
    • Grid View Text Under – This will be the same as above, however the title will be below the image.
  • Number of Posts – Select how many gallery posts per page.
  • Number of Columns – This will be available for selected views. You can choose how many columns the posts are displayed in.
  • Enable Masonry – This is relevant only for the regular grid view. Allowing different sized featured images and a view something like Pinterest feeds.
  • Gutter Type – Again this is relevant only for grid views. This is the spacing between the posts.
  • Enable Pagination – Do you want to show more pages for posts, if so, select Yes. No will show only the number of posts you have selected in the number of posts section.


Step 3 – Select Sidebar if required

Now that you’ve selected the relevant layout options, you can select a sidebar if required. Scroll down to “Layout and Sidebars” again on the right hand side. There are 3 options:

  • No Sidebar
  • Right Sidebar
  • Left Sidebar

Choose your option.


Step 4 – Publish the Page

Now scroll to the top right, publish the page and you can now add it to your menu. All your galleries will now filter into this page.