Adding Your Logos

There are various options for adding your Logo. You can add the following 4 items:

  1. Main Logo – this will be the main logo on the site
  2. Mobile Logo – this can be used for mobile only

If the option is enabled for the the text/logo color to change based on the slideshow image color you can add 2 logos.

  1. Dark Logo – This will add a dark logo over images that are deemed to be light.
  2. Light Logo -This will add a light logo over images that are deemed to be dark.

Step 1- Flothemes Dashboard

To add your logos, go to Flothemes > Header and Logo > Logo.


Step 2 – Choose Logo Type

You will note that there is the option to select the logo type. There are 2 options here, Text Logo (Site Title) and Image Logo.


Text Logo

This is useful for those of you that don’t currently have a logo and just want to use the site name. This will be the text logo option. To update the text for this, go to Settings > General, and update the Site Title.


NOTE! This will also be the name that you see in the browser tab.


Image Logo

This will be the most commonly used option. Here you can upload your own .png or .jpg file. It is recommended to use a .png file with a transparent background.


You can add both the Main Logo Image and the Mobile logo.

Step 3 – Choose Logo Sizes

Its very useful to set the max sizes for your logo. To do this, there are 2 options, one for the main logo and one for the mobile logo.

It is recommended to keep the max size for the mobile logo to under 250px.


Step 4 – Slideshow Logos

The final step is to add additional logos for any slideshows if relevant. If you do not want to do this, then the normal main logo will be used over the slideshow.

There is an option to enable text and logo color change based on the slideshow image color, turn this on if required and then upload a dark logo for light slideshows, and a light logo for dark slideshows.


If you want to use a different color than the main logo, but want it to be just one color over your slideshow image, enable this option, and upload the same logo into both options.

Step 5 – Save Changes.

Make sure to then save the options bottom right.