Every once in a while you need that extra space to add some content on the side of your Pages. This is when a Sidebar can come in handy.
Below you find all the necessary info in order to properly manage and setup your Sidebars.

Quick Overview

Go to Appearance – Widgets. Your Sidebars are located in the Widgets section of the site.
When in this area, you can add what ever content you need to your Sidebar. The process of populating the Sidebar is the same as adding Widgets. Simply drag and drop the required Widget into the Sidebar section.

Adding a New Sidebar

As you may know, you can have multiple Sidebars used across different Pages. In order to create a new Sidebar area go to:
Flotheme – Sidebars. Add the Sidebar Title and click on “Add New Sidebar” button.

Once you’ve created a new Sidebar it will appear in the bottom section of the Sidebars page, as well as the Widgets section.


Managing Sidebars

Once you’ve added content to the Sidebar, you are ready to add it to a Page or a Blog Post.
When editing a Page or Blog Post, in the right column you can add the created Sidebar to it.
1. Select where you want to have the Sidebar located. Right or Left side.

2. Select the Sidebar you want to use.

3. Once you’ve added the Sidebar, go ahead and update your page to apply the changes.