Blog Page

The Blog Page is used to list all of your Blog Posts. When a new Blog Post is created it should automatically show on your Blog Posts page.

To create a Blog Page, there are 2 different ways this can be accomplished:
1. Using a Flotheme Page Template
2. Using WordPress Blog Settings

Using a Flotheme Page Template

Step 1 – Add New Page

Go to Pages > Add New – add in the Page Title and select your Page Template as Blog Posts
Within our Page Template options, we provide several solutions and layouts for your Blog Page.

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 1.18.52 AM

Step 2 – Template Settings

When the Blog Page Template is selected, layout options related to this template will appear that will allow you to categorize your Posts, select the desired layout, number of posts per page, etc.


Select your Categories – If you only want to display a certain category of posts, you can do so here. If you wish to display all, select nothing.

Select a View Type – This will be how Blog Posts are displayed. Each Theme will have varying amount of options.

Select the number of posts to show – you can choose how many Blog Posts you wish to show per page. This is great if you are using list view especially as you will want to limit the number of posts shown to decrease loading times.

Pagination – If you only want to show a certain number of Blog Posts and no more, you can select no pagination (i.e. the number of pages below)

Step 3 – Publish

Once you’re happy with the settings, you can publish your page.

Using WordPress Blog Settings

The second way to set up a Blog page is to use WordPress’s built in Page Settings. In this case it is not necessary to select the Page Template as Blog Posts.

Step 1 – Assign Blog Page

Go to Settings > Reading and select the page you wish to have as your Blog Page.

NOTE! Using this method will overwrite our blog page settings, so its not recommended.


Step 2 – Select Layout

If you decide to create your Blog Page using WordPress Blog Settings you can customize the Blog Page layout by going to Flotheme – Content Settings.
Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 1.54.15 AM

Within this area you can also control additional visual appearance settings:
– Show excerpt on list view
– Show decoration image for view types
– Archive Listing Layout
– Show Post date on grid views
– etc.
Content settings ‹ My Blog — WordPress 2016-04-13 02-03-00

Step 3 – Save Changes

Make sure to update and save your changes to see if on your site.