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Creating a site map, or Navigation Menu for your site is very important. Sometimes you will not know immediately what your sitemap is, or you may not have created all your pages. If not, it is recommended to take some time to set up your pages, and then refer back to this tutorial to create your Navigation Menu.

Adding a Navigation Menu

Once all your pages are set up, go to Appearance – Menus to create your website Navigation Menu

Once in this area, you will see all the pages you’ve created added to the Navigation Menu. From here you can drag these pages around into any order you prefer, and create drop-down menus by dragging the page item slightly to the right, as shown in the screenshot below.

Menus ‹ My Blog — WordPress 2016-04-12 21-48-46

Once the Navigation Menu is confirmed, scroll down the page and check the Main Menu checkbox and click and click Save Menu.

Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 10.06.08 PM

Non-Clickable Menu Items

Learn More

You can read more on creating WordPress menu items from WordPress here.

Note! Each time the theme is switched it may be necessary to check this option again if the theme is activated for the first time. Many users are confused why their menu disappears or changes when they switch themes. The solution is simple, just activate one of the menus for the desired location.