How to Enable/Disable Flo-Launch Test Mode

Enable Flo-Launch Test Mode

Once Flo-Launch plugin has been installed and activated, you can start using it by enabling Test Mode.

Before you activate the Test Mode be sure to create a Data Base Backup. This will ensure your current version is available in case something goes wrong.

Please keep in mind that enabling Test Mode for the first time may take a while as the system needs to create a temporary database.

Once you have successfully activated Test Mode, your page will refresh and you will see a note in the top right corner indicating you are currently in Test Mode.

While the Test Mode is activated, at the top of your website back-end you will see a note saying “you are currently in Test Mode.” This message will show up in every new page you open within the back-end.

Disable Flo-Launch Test Mode

In order to Disable Flo-Launch Test Mode simply click on the Disable Test Mode Button and you are all set.

There are 2 areas where you can disable Test Mode:
1. At the top of your browser

2. Go to Settings – Flo Launch and disable Test Mode from the plugin admin section

Important Note

When checking your website in the front-end, there will be a message for 3 seconds in the top right corner reminding you that the website is in Test Mode.

*NOTE –  Flo-Launch functions are based on cookies. This means that the Test Mode Website can viewed only from the same browser where Test Mode has been enabled.  All other browsers will show the “old” website.

You can also manually enable or disable Test Mode in any browser. For that we’ve added support for 2 URL parameters:

  • To enable the test mode in any browser just add the ‘?flo_test_mode=1‘ to the URL.  i.e. if your domain name is, then to activate Test Mode use the following example URL:
  • To disable the test mode in any browser follow the same process as above. Add ‘?flo_disable_test_mode=0‘ to the URL.  Example:


Click on Publish Test Site when you are ready to go live.