General Settings

The following article aims to explain the options available in the General Settings tab in the Flothemes Settings Area. All options are available in Flothemes > General Settings.



The backgrounds area is relatively self explanatory. There are 4 options:

  • The main site background color,
  • Two options for card list view, the normal background, and the background on hover.
  • Finally we have the option to set a footer color, including transparency.



The colors are in the settings area, is for all the options related to color options for the various elements on the site including backgrounds for the contact and about templates, and the font options throughout the site. Items that are of key interest to most users include:

  • Menu Title Color and hover– The color of the menu items on the site.
  • Menu Drop Down Color and hover – The color of menu items in all drop down menus, that is the sub menus that show on hover.
  • Links Color and Hover Color – This is the color of links on the site that is the anchor tags <a> and the color when hovered on.
  • Page Titles – The color options for all page template titles (default, about, contact and single posts/galleries)
  • Widgets – Color options for all widgets titles and main content
  • Footer Widgets – this is any widget area that starts with “footer” such as footer first, footer full width etc. it will overwrite the widgets color options.

Hopefully the options are self explanatory with their labels. If not please let us know.

Social Media

This section is for adding social media to your site including some social media settings. For full details see more detailed documentation here.

Spacing and Width

In spacing and width, we have one simple option for the spacing between post images:



In the following section you can add any tracking codes for your site, including Google analytics. Just copy and paste the code and it will be added to the header of the site.



The favicon is the icon in the browser tab like our Flothemes icon:


Make sure to upload a .ico file to use on your site.


Admin Bar

Turning on the admin bar option will allow logged in admins to see the following bar at the top of your site:


Its a great tool for allowing you to quickly edit, pages and posts. Only admin users can see the tool bar.

Import and Export

The import and export area allows 3 things.

  • Importing Demo content – NOTE! Only do this if you are starting a new site.
  • Import – import of a Flothemes export file. This will apply all Flothemes settings from another site, or an old version of your site. Great for using as a simple settings backup.
  • Export – exporting of your Flothemes settings, to be used as a backup. This is not a database back up, just a settings backup. Its also great if creating multiple sites that are using the same theme and settings.