Content Settings

Content Settings is probably one of the most important areas to look into if you really want to give your website a unique touch, and customize it according to your needs.

The Content Settings area is broken down into several different sections. Each section is related to a specific area of your website. Within these sections, you can adjust layouts, fonts and much more.

Listing Layouts

In the following section you will find all the settings related to Blog, Gallery and Video Listings.

  • Search page listing layout (view type) – the following selection is responsible for the Search results layout.
  • Enable/Disable Search
    Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 7.47.37 PM
  • Enable Date on lists for blog posts
  • Enable Category on lists for blog posts
    Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 7.51.22 PM
  • Enable Date on lists for galleries
  • Enable Category on lists for galleries

Layout Settings
In the Listing Layout settings you can adjust the Fonts related to all the Listing Layouts. Some Listing Layouts will also give you the option to adjust the Featured Image size.
Within each Layout you can adjust:

  • Meta Font – responsible for Post Date and Category
  • Title Font – responsible for Blog / Gallery Post title
  • Excerpt Font – responsible for the Post preview text
    Flothemes Options ‹ Test Website — WordPress 2016-05-23 20-02-41


In this section you will find all settings that are related to your Blog Posts.
NOTE! this section is not for your Blog Listings Page.

The Settings Options will include:

  • Blog Post Content width
  • Show related posts on Single Blog Post page – when enabling this option, you can then set the criteria for related Blog Posts being Category or Tags
  • Show date on blogpost pages
  • Show categories on blogpost pages
  • Show tags on blogpost pages
  • Show Pagination On Blogpost pages
  • Auto set Featured images – In case a Featured image is not uploaded to the post/gallery, the first of the uploaded images will be set as Featured image.
  • Show featured image on single blog post page
  • Blog post responsive images
  • Enable / Disable comments on single post pages
  • Facebook application ID – This is necessary if you are using Facebook comments and want to moderate them.
  • Enabling and choosing your comments method

Default WordPress Blog Page and Blog Archive Page Layout – In order to apply selected layout you need to setup Blog page in Settings – Reading


In this section you will find all settings that related to your Gallery Posts.
NOTE! this section is split into 2 parts, for single gallery posts, and for gallery listing pages.

The Settings For Single Gallery Posts will include:

  • Setting the default Gallery Layout – depending on the layout you select, a number of additional customizations will appear.
  • Gallery Slider Maximum Height
  • Enable/Disable Autoplay For Single Galleries
  • Enable/Disable Gallery Pagination
  • Show categories on single gallery pages
  • Show tags on single gallery pages
  • Enable comments on single gallery pages
  • Change default WP gallery shortcode behavior (this will override the standard WordPress gallery feature to be in the style of Flothemes gallery grids)

Settings for the single gallery page includes:

  • Show date on gallery pages


In the following section you can Enable / Disable comments on pages and adjust the 404 Error page content.
Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 9.18.18 PM

Image Sizing

In the following area you will find all Settings related to Featured Image sizing.

  • Home Full Image Width
  • Single Post Featured Image Width / Height

This is the size option for the featured image inside the single post if enabled:


  • Card List View Featured Image Width / Height

If using a portrait image, the height will be 800px and the width is auto.

If using landscape images, the featured image will be 800px in width and height is auto.

The images in portrait view may look cropped, as there is a height setting for card views. If using portrait images, go to Flothemes > Listings layouts and change the height options to allow a portrait image to be shown.

  • Text Under View Image Width / Height

This is the sizing options for the list view with text under the image.

  • Enable Image Cropping

When this option is enabled the images will be cropped to the heights specified, rather than keeping their natural ratios.