About Page Template

The following article explains how to use the About page template in Sydney to create your about pages.

Step 1 – New Page

Go to Pages and Add New.


Name the page, then go over to the right hand side, and in Page Attributes > Template, select “About”.


Step 2 – Select Options

Now that the correct page template is selected, you will see an about page metabox. You should select the various options. You can enable social links, add a link to add a button to the bottom of the form and then you can choose a layout option.


There are 3 possible layout options:

  1. Image Left text right
  2. Single Column

For number 2, you can also add a featured image. The featured image option will be on the right hand side, scroll down and add your image, the image should also be a portrait image:


You can also enable the social links if you wish to show your social accounts that have been added in Flothemes > General > Social Networks.

Step 3 – Publish

Publish the page.

Get in Touch

To change the label for the “Get in touch” button at the bottom of the page:


Go to Flothemes > General Settings >  Titles and Links, and change the option Label for “Get in touch” button: