Adding a Single Gallery

The following tutorial explains how to create a single gallery post.

If you like reading, follow these simple steps below:

Step 1 – Add New

Go to your WordPress backend and in the left hand sidebar, go to galleries, and then add new:


Add your title, and then any gallery descriptions (if required).


Step 2 – Select Layout

Next select the layout for your gallery.


There are 4 options from left to right:

  1. Grid View Masonry – see here.
  2. Gallery Crop – this view will be in a letterbox view and will crop your image if not in the correct ratio – see here.
  3. Visible Nearby – this is images each side of the current slider image – see here.
  4. Gallery No Crop – this slider will not crop images and it will fit the container – see here.

Step 3 – Attach Images

Add your images. Go to the attached images section, and click “Add Gallery images”. Use images from the media library or drag and drop images into your gallery from your desktop. NOTE! Please make sure your images are optimized for the web. Once the images are added you can sort and delete images from your gallery, as well as reverse the image order.


Step 4 – Add Categories and Tags

You can use categories and tags to define sections of your site and group related galleries.

categories   tags

Step 5 – Add a Featured Image

A featured image is usually used on listing and archive pages to represent a gallery post. Add this in the right hand sidebar.


Step 6 – Publish

Go to the top right and publish the the gallery and it will appear in the latest galleries page.