Content Settings

The content settings are in Flothemes allows you to globally edit the settings of the different content on your site, including blog posts, galleries, page settings, sidebars and image sizing.

Listings Layout

The listing view options are the options for the Latest Posts Types options view types. You have the option to enable/disable the dates and categories on the listing view pages for blogs/galleries.


The rest of the options are related to sizing and typography. Each view type has its own settings including (you can see the icon for what view each is related to):



The following section is relevant for your global blog post settings:

General Settings


In this section you will see relevant options for showing related posts in the single post, date, category, tags and pagination options. You can also turn off the featured image on the single post here. Again make sure to check the gold ? for further hints.


The comments section allows you to enable comments for your posts, both WordPress and Facebook comments can be enabled by dragging them into place. For Facebook comments, you should create a Facebook application ID if you wish to moderate the comments:


Archive and Category Page Layout

The following option will allow you to select the archive and category listing page views. This is useful if you have a categories section on your site:



The following section has settings that will allow you to update both the single gallery and gallery listing pages.

For this article we will be referring to the options available in Flothemes > Content Settings > Gallery.



The pages section has global page settings, including options for page width, page top and bottom margins, the 404 page settings, and page comments.


Image Sizing

The featured image size settings allow you to set the size of featured images throughout the site. Some of these options are overwritten by the layout options. Remember to check the gold ? for more details.