New Blog Post

Now you have created your blog page, you will want to start filling it with Blog Posts, below you can see how to create a single blog post.

The following video shows the process, it is based on the Crowd theme but applied also for Rebecca.

1. Add a new post – To add a new post you need to go to your WordPress Dashboard. Then move the cursor of your mouse to the “Posts” button, and select “Add New”:

2. Add Content – Then you will be presented with an editor which will allow you to add a title, content, assign a category and other proprieties to your post.

You can add content such as images, text, shortcodes, music and other media types.

3. Add a featured image – make sure to add a featured image, its on the right hand side if you scroll, to be consistent you should create featured images that are the same size, unless you want to use a masonry view. We recommend using images of 600x400px for landscape or 600x600px for square:

4. Publish your post
– After you are done with editing you can preview the post, if you’re happy with how it looks and want to publish it immediately the “Publish” button, otherwise you can save the post as a draft.

There are other options for publishing your post, you can make the post visibility private (with a password), you can change the publish time, if you want to post it in the near future (great if you’re traveling but still want to release a post at a certain time)


Once published your post should now appear on your new blog posts page.

If you need to make further changes, you can go back to your post and make the necessary change at any time.