The following tutorial explains how to set up your slideshows with our LVY theme. We also explain how you can add titles, links and videos on the slideshow.

Adding Slideshows

Step 1 – Add New

To Create your Slideshow by going to Slideshows it should be just under the dashboard option on the left hand side in yout WordPress backend, then “Add New”:


You’ll now have a blank slideshow as shown below. You’ll want to name the slideshow, its best to make the names memorable, so for home page, “home slideshow” is a suitable name.

You’ll then have the following options:


Step 2 – Select Type

For point 1. you’ll only want to select the slide source if using a post of gallery slider type from part 2. If you just want simple images, don’t select anything.

Step 3 – Add Images

Now you’ll want to add images, just select the “choose file” option, point 3. You can then use images from the media library or upload images directly. For the simple slider type it best to use images 1500px in height and auto width.

If you don’t require text, video or other options over the image, then simply scroll down to the bottom and click “add to slideshow” this will add the image. Repeat the process for all images.

All images can then be dragged and dropped into order as required.

Step 4 – Other Options 4 – 10

4. If you wish to add a title over the slide you can add a title here.


5. If you want to have a video in a slide, you can add a Youtube or Vimeo video URL in the ‘Video URL’ field, and a button to play the video will appear. Note that the slideshow does not support auto playing videos.

6. If you wish to have a small description, add some text here.

7. To set a particular color, select this option. It should default to white as normal.

8. Select the horizontal position of the title and description (i.e. left to right)

9. Select the vertical position of the title and description (i.e. top to bottom)

10. If you wish to add a link for the title and description, copy and paste the link here.

Once you’re done adding images, make sure to go to the top right and publish the slideshow.

Step 5 – Add to page


After you have created the slideshow you can use it on any page. Yes, slideshows can be used only on Pages. When editing a page there is an option to select a slideshow for the page as you can see in the image below:



Image Sizing and Slideshow Settings

The size of the slides images can be set from Image size settings. However the recommended size for slideshow images is 1000px.

Screen Shot 2014-07-22 at 5.13.46 PM

LVY offers some additional options for the main slideshow. The options are accessible from the ‘Sliders’ tab.   We recommend to take a look carefully at all the options available and read all the hints. Also if you select different options (i.e. the slideshow type), then you can have new options available that were not available from the beginning.

Screen Shot 2014-08-01 at 6.24.43 PM