video posts

Video posts are similar to the default blog posts, but have different options and layout. In the following images you can see the the settings specific to this post type:


Now I will explain shortly each of the highlighted options:

  • Attached images

If images will be attached to the video post, then they will show up on the video page like this:

  • Post embed

Here is the place to add the embedded code or URL for your video. If using just the URL, then you should know that only the following URLs will be recognised: supported services 

  • Layout and sidebar

From here you can enable or disable the sidebar on the single video post page and choose on which side to show it up.

  • Featured video

If a video is set as featured, then it will be hightailed at the top of the page that uses ‘Latest videos’ page template. If several videos are marked as featured, then only the last one will be features on Latest Videos page.