Creating a Homepage

The following tutorial explains how to use templates to create a home page, and how to select your home page.

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Creating a Home page

To create a Homepage you must first go to Pages > Add New. Add in your Homepage title and Publish.

With our older themes there are no specific page templates “Home Page” we use a combination of other page templates, widgets and at times visual composer to create unique looks for your site. Refer to the documentation “Demo Home Pages” to see how to set up the relevant home page per theme.

The following videos explain how to use template options to create a home page quickly with our newest themes.  Note you can use any page template and set it as a home page, shown in the next section “Selecting the home page”.

Newest Themes

This currently applies only to Kyoto and Crowd V2.

New Themes 2

In the following video we show how to use the “Home Page” template to create your home page. This includes Monte, Osaka and Rosemary and Cube.

Old Themes

Our older themes do not have built in “Home” page templates, they use a combination of other page templates and on occasions visual composer, and widgets to create home pages. Refer to the documentation for “Demo Home Pages” for your theme to see how to set up the theme page as a demo.

Selecting the Home page

Once you’ve installed your theme, by default the Homepage will highlight the latest Blog Posts. This can be changed using WordPress built in functionality.

Just go to Settings > Readings and adjust the “Front page displays” settings. Here you can select any of the available pages as a Homepage.