To access the font settings you must first enable the Custom Font option within the General Settings area.

The Matte theme provides several Font settings to choose from.
Screen Shot 2014-04-15 at 6.06.00 PM
Within the font settings you can customize the following settings:
Font Size
Font Family
Font Style
Font Weight
Font Variant
Text Transform
Letter spacing
Word spacing

Each Font category has it’s own purpose within the website.

1. General Font
The General Font is used within the main bodies of text throughout the website, i.e. Blog Posts, About Page, etc.

2. Headers Font
The Headers Font is used for Blog Post titles, Comments area, Sidebar widgets, etc.

3. Functionality Font
The Functionality Font is used within the Website Credits, “Submit Comment” within Blog Posts commenting area, Blog/Gallery Category titles, Admin User Name on the Website.

4. Navigation Font
The Navigation Font is used within the Website Menu Navigation.

5. Helpers Font
The Helpers Font is used within Blog Post publish dates and Posted By…, Comment box, *Required fields.

6. Forms Font
The Forms Font is used mainly for the Search Bar or other text within input fields.

Click Save Options to save your website settings.
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