Adding Blog Posts

Now that you’ve created your blog page, its time to start adding your blog posts. If you’ve used WordPress previously the process is the same as always. Its highly recommended that you refer to the WordPress codex section for more details on adding blog posts and the various items available.

Video Tutorial

In the following video we should how to add blog posts in WordPress.

Adding Blog Posts

Step 1. Add a new post

To add a new post you need to go to your WordPress Dashboard. Then move the cursor of your mouse to the “Posts” button, and select “Add New”:


Step 2 – Add Content

You will be presented with an editor which will allow you to add a title, content, assign a category and other proprieties to your post.


You can add content such as images, text, shortcodes, music and other media types.

Step 3 – Add Tags and Select Sidebar

Next you can add tags and select a sidebar (if available for your theme) for your post if required:


Step 4 – Add a featured image

make sure to add a featured image, its on the right hand side if you scroll, to be consistent you should create featured images that are the same size, unless you want to use a masonry view. We recommend using images of 600x400px for landscape or 600x600px for square:



Step 5 – Publish your post

After you are done with editing you can preview the post, if you’re happy with how it looks and want to publish it immediately the “Publish” button, otherwise you can save the post as a draft.

There are other options for publishing your post, you can make the post visibility private (with a password), you can change the publish time, if you want to post it in the near future (great if you’re traveling but still want to release a post at a certain time)


Once published your post should now appear on your new blog posts page.

If you need to make further changes, you can go back to your post and make the necessary change at any time.

Adding Post Content

Adding Media to your post

1. Add Media – adding media  to a blog post is very simple, you will see above the content area there is an “Add Media” button.

2. Select media – you can select items that are currently in your media library:

  • Upload Files – click the Select Files button to select a file on your desktop.


  • Media Library – choose from previously uploaded images from Media Library.
  • Insert from URL – enter the URL path to the image.

Finally click Insert into post.

Using WordPress’s create a gallery feature

WordPress has a great built in feature for adding masonry type galleries to your blog posts, you can watch the following tutorial on how to add one below:

Its very useful if you want to display your images in a lightbox.

Using Shortcodes

Shortcodes are a great way of adding variety and layouts to your posts, we have built our own shortcodes plug-in which you should activate when you install your theme. Screen Shot 2014-02-18 at 5.44.54 PMIf you activate this plugin, then you’ll have the possibility to use the shortcodes on your posts. If you don’t have this plugin, you can download it fromhere. Samples of available shortcodes can be seen on one of our demo sites. And below you can check some video tutorials that show how to use the shortcodes:

WordPress Codex

The following articles cover in detail all options available when blogging with WordPress:

WordPress Codex – Blogging.

Details on how WordPress processes post content:

WordPress Codex – How WordPress Processes Post Content

Details on adding images to Posts and Pages:

WordPress Codex – Inserting Images