Gallery Posts

Each gallery post has several fields to edit. Each field is described below.

1. Title and Content – these fields have the same role as on default blog posts. If you want to add a built in lightbox type gallery you can do it here, and ignore 2 attached images. You can see a video how to add this here. It is recommended that you do not use gallery slider type 2 as it will not display nicely with this option.

2. Attached Images – the images for the gallery should be attached here to take benefit of our built in gallery sliders.

3. Gallery Type Color Options – Here you can set the color of the text, meta data and background of the post when using latest galleries list view.

4. Gallery Slider Type – This is where you can choose the individual gallery  view type.

a. Gallery Type 1

b. View 2

c. View 3

5. Featured Image – here you can set the featured image for the latest galleries pages, its highly recommended to add featured images and to take some time to make a set of featured images to give your website that extra style.

6. Categories and Tags – You can use categories and tags to define sections of your site and group related galleries.


Other gallery options can be found under ‘Posts Settings‘ tab:

gallery post settings

Some users will ask how to remove dates from the gallery, select the “No” option for “show entry meta on single gallery page”.

The last set of options will be under ‘Slider Settings‘ allowing you to select the gallery slider type for all single galleries if you have not selected it in the single gallery, and the slider image heights for desktop and mobile:

single gallery slider options