Blog Posts

Blogging has never been easier with Fiji, we build on the WordPress standard features by adding a few extra items.

Full Screen Width and Fixed Width Images:

You can now have a combination of full screen width images and fixed width images (max width of the post content) this opens up a whole new look for posting.  You can view a post with a full width image here. To do this it is necessary to edit any image inserted in the post content:


And then make sure to enable Full width image:


Custom HR line and counter. This feature will allow you to break up sections of a blog post (and page) using a line with a counter, useful for breaking up parts of a trip:

custom hr blog

To add this feature, when writing a post you will see in the styling bar in visual mode three new options on the far right, they will be labeled HR center, left, right:

blog post hr add

As previously mentioned these will count up from 1.

One last point to note it to set the featured image. WordPress added this great feature, and to make your blog posts page look beautiful it would be good to take some time to create featured images for all your posts (they should be smaller than your post images e.g. 600x600px). To do this, scroll down and on the right hand side you will see featured image, select “set featured image”.

You can see the full process in the following video: