Blog posts

I assume everyone knows what a post represents and is familiar with the default WordPress blog post settings. Beside the default options, Blanco adds a few more  settings to the bog posts:

Screen Shot 2014-03-12 at 2.26.17 PM

In the image above you can see the new options added to blog posts by the theme:

Post settings – using these settings you can control if you want to show or not the related posts, social sharing buttons or post meta data for this particular post.

Post embed – The URL or embed provided here will be displayed below the featured image on single post page. The following services are supported

Layout and Sidebars – Here you can specify if you want the current blog to have a sidebar or not. And if the sidebar is enabled, then you can choose the sidebar and the position of the sidebar – on the left or right side.

Attached images – all the images added in that box will be displayed in a slider  before the post content. the slider looks like this: