Demo homepage

This article explains how our demo home pages are built. It is important to know that the home pages we built mostly using widgets. Thus it is necessary to know the widgets locations and understand how to use them. To find out more about the available widget areas and how use them when customizing your Homepage please check this article.

Demo Home 2

2) Home page – was built using the following blocks:

2Home Page 2 Explained

On this page all the widgets below the slideshow and till the Instagram widget are inserted into the widget area located below the page content. And the Instagram widget is inserted into the ‘Footer Full Screen Width are‘ which is located above  the 3 columns footer widget areas.

Demo Home 2

The image below shows the elements used  on demo home page 2 –

1Home Page Explained

The ‘Flo Posts Types’ widget is inserted in the widget area located below the page content.

Demo Home 3

3) Home 3 – – was built using the following blocks:

3Home Page 3 Explained


Demo Home 4

4) Home page 4 –

4Home Page 4 Explained

The difference between this page and the previous 3 is that instead of the custom made Slideshow on this page, we are using here a slideshow generated from blog posts. That slideshow is displayed using ‘Widget Posts Slideshow‘ inserted in the ‘Header Top Full Screen width‘ widget area.

Screen Shot 2015-06-23 at 9.16.38 AM

Header Top Full Screen width‘ widget area is available on every page, and in order to make our widget to show up only on Home page 4, we’ve used Jetpak Widget Visibility plugin.